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Supporting Schools through i*Recycle

This year, Smithbridge is delighted to be a part of the i*Recycle program on Guam. The i*recycle program is a recycling program that has been provided to Guam’s schools since 2007 by the Guam Business Partners for Recycling, Inc. (GBPRI), a non-profit organization, to help the schools generate funds and promote recycling throughout the island.



Our Precast Concrete Manager, Dan Rogers, saw an opportunity for Smithbridge to participate by setting up a recycling collection bin at our Harmon yard for staff to use. This bin will service both our Harmon and Yigo yards and collect aluminum cans from all Smithbridge divisions. Each month, the cans will then be collected and taken to nearby schools that are a part of the program. Different schools will be selected each month to receive the cans.


Smithbridge Guam is committed to the local Guam community.


Smithbridge Guam has been a proud member of the Guam community since 1992. Smithbridge originated in New Zealand and the Maori heritage and community culture is very similar to the Chamorro culture. We love taking up opportunities to show love and support for our island. We here at Smithbridge believe the similarities in community spirit between New Zealand and Guam has been one of the driving forces behind Smithbridge’s successful 25+ years on Guam. Throughout the years we have been able to use our unique and diverse capabilities to support many community initiatives, just like the i*Recycle program.

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