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Supply of 186 Precast Concrete Housing Units


Client:     Black Construction Corporation

Project:   Replace Anderson Housing Phase I, II & III

Scope:     The supply of 186 precast concrete housing units




Early 2020 saw Smithbridge Guam awarded a contract with Blacks Construction Company to supply the precast concrete panels for 186 Precast Housing Units to be completed over a 20-month duration.

Each housing unit consists of 3 to 4 bedrooms and is joined by a common central wall, making a total of 93 precast housing duplexes. The panels have been specifically designed for this project to include penetrations for services (electrical and mechanical) and all window and door openings. All of the external wall panels also incorporate an architectural wall reveal.

This is a large project that Smithbridge Guam are excited to be working on. A great deal of planning went into the project to ensure things ran smoothly and that there were no delays. As part of this process, all material, including formwork, had to be sourced and procured months in advance to allow for manufacturing, transportation and shipping time to arrive in Guam without affecting production.

Once all precast components are completed, they will be stacked on Flatracks. This will allow ease of storage and transportation to site.

As part of this project, Smithbridge Guam will manufacture approximately

  • 4,427 precast wall panels
  • 912 precast beams
  • 581 precast columns


The precast components will consist of approximately

  • 306T of steel embeds
  • 935T of steel reinforcement
  • 13,500 cubic yards of concrete


Fun facts about this project

  • The weight of steel embeds being used weighs as much as approximately 200 cars!
  • The steel reinforcement being used weighs around the same as 150,000 bowling balls!
  • The amount of concrete being used is the equivalent of filling 19 football fields with 4” of concrete!


Smithbridge Guam recently opened a new precast concrete yard at Harmon, offering innovating precast concrete solutions and high quality ready mix concrete. You can read more about our capabilities here.

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