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Daiku Maru #7 Wreck Removal

Location: Apra Harbour

Scope: Salvage operation of commercial fishing vessel 

Smithbridge Guam was awarded a project in 2015 for the salvage of a grounded Japanese commercial fishing vessel Dauki Maru in outer Apra Harbour. After initial plans to salvage the vessel failed when the vessel’s mooring lines attached to the onsite barge parted due to increasing ocean swells, Smithbridge mobilised a Jack Up barge to a new position to aid the vessel recovery. 

Smithbridge’s Jack Up barge was selected as the best solution for the salvage as it provided minimal damage to the coral reef. 

Daiki Maru 7 drifted back toward shore along the same path it was initially removed from and became wedged against the front of a rock. The salvage team subsequently shifted their efforts and used the vessel’s new position to their advantage for swifter removal and demolition. 

A survey was completed to identify the most efficient position for the Jack Up barge, and buoys were installed to mark out this location clearly. The Jack Up barge was mobilised with a hiab on board to lift the vessel pieces from the wreckage site. 

A high wire was installed to further facilitate the wreckage recovery. The barge and hiab crane worked to disassemble the vessel in preparation for transport to shore and proper disposal. All recoverable hazardous materials were removed from the vessel prior to any disassembly.  Contract teams conducted cleanup operations regularly to ensure demolition debris from the vessel did not further impact the environment as salvage continued. 

The critical moment of the vessel salvage was the 6000lb main engine and transmission lift. This was carefully rigged and loaded onto the Jack Up barge, and safely secured for the journey back to shore.

A 5000 square feet of staging area was made available at Smithbridge’s Seaplane site as the debris was transferred to shore. 

Smithbridge Guam’s Jack Up barge provides an innovative solution for over water demolition and salvage projects, with minimal disruption and damage to the coral reef and ocean bed

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