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Tank Refurbishment

Tank Refurbishment for Gilbane

Client: Gilbane

Scope: Demolish existing stairs and handrail, fabricate and install aluminium replacement.


In early October 2017, Smithbridge was awarded refurbishment of a 425,000 gallon capacity tank by Gilbane. The scope of work included demolishing existing stairs and circumferential handrail, and fabricating and installing a new aluminum set of stairs and handrail. Smithbridge was the recipient of the  Winner for Excellence in Project Safety, Speciality Contracting Under $10 Million for the project at the 2018 Guam Contractors Association awards.

Due to client requirements, Smithbridge accepted a very aggressive schedule which left little down time between designing the stairs, demolishing the existing and fabricating and installing the new set.

Smithbridge produced a 3D model of the replacement stairs, which had to wrap perfectly around the tank presenting added complexity in the design. To ensure the stairs would fit exactly to the tank, the 3D model was cross checked with a site survey.

We mobilised a Smithbridge owned crane for the demolition and installation phases of the project. There was added risk in the demolition due to the unstable and unknown condition of the existing corroded stairs and handrails.This meant absolutely no access was allowed via the existing tank stairs while the demolition of the old stairs was occurring. Therefore, access to the existing tank stairs was via a man lift requiring constant clear communication between the personnel in the man lift, the spotter and the crane operator. This was achieved with the use of 2-way radios, clear hand signals and competent rigger training.

Smithbridge was able to offer two apprenticeship opportunities through this project. Both our young apprentices have obtained Working At Heights, Confined Space, Fork Lift, Fall Protection, Lead and Abatement, and Safety Training OSHA 16 hour. Our Mechanical Construction Manager Simon Ridley is a Guam Trades Academy certified Welding Instructor and plays a hands on role in building the capability of local personnel.


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